W&S (Wine & Spirits) Jakarta


New cozy spot in South Jakarta is coming to you! W&S Bottle shop Eatery Jakarta was opened on March 9 2015. They are serving best menus by Chef Arnold Budiawan as Executive Chef W&S and Bluegrass Jakarta . They are also sell any drinks like mocktails or cocktail, thats good for chill and hang with friends.


When i came i love their playlist song, they have a great playlist for chill! Oh, every night they are also have live music from local band or perform from DJ.

Rottiseri Chicken – IDR 45k / 70k / 130k

One portion chicken with roasted potato, gravy, and sweet corn. You can share this for 4-6 person, best for family or group lunch.

Riverside – IDR 45k 

Lychee, lime, ginger ale, if you like something fresh, and a bit ginger taste, you can try this one!


For this flatlay photo ; (From left to right side, end on big plate in centre)

  1. Super Quesadilla Chicken – IDR 60k 
  2. Bruschetta – IDR 30k 
  3. Meat Platter – IDR 45k 
  4. Steak Salad – IDR 60k 
  5. Velvety Nutella


Super Quesadilla Chicken

Chicken, coriander, pico de galo, and cheese inside. Served with tomato salsa and sour sauce.


Ciabatta bread with cheese topping, smoked beef, tomato and basil.

Meat Platter

3 meats are meatloaf with shimeji mushroom sauce, beef brisket with chimmichuri sauce, and roasted chicken with demi glaze sauce.

Steak Salad

Green vegetables, blue cheese, greek dressing, and onion.

On the table ; 

  1. Trio Burgers – IDR 40k 

Mini patty with toppings ; cheese, bacon, and mushroom.

2. Fish Sandwich – IDR 60k

Fried dori fish, onion, tomato, and lettuce.

3. Burger – IDR 60k 

I love their burger the taste is good for me! Inside the burger are crispy bacon, half boiled egg, cheese, and tomato.

4. Lychee Berry – IDR 45k 

This is one of my favorite drink in W&S , it’s totally fresh if you drink it, and also not too sweet.


Dessert time!!! 

  1. Blueberry Cheese Cake – IDR 35k 
  2. Dark Chocolate Orange Tart – IDR 35k 


Good news for you who love to drink wine or want to know about wine, W&S have a program Wine tasting every wednesday in the second week. Also, Spirits tasting every wednesday in the fourth week every month. Contact them for get guest list!

You can follow my snapchat for get live my daily routine and behind the scene from my photograph. My ID is matiusmico. You can also follow my instagram @matiusmico

Address : Cilandak Town Square, Ground Floor unit D-048, T.B Simatupang Street Kav.17, South Jakarta.

Waze / Google Maps / Apple Maps : Cilandak Town Square.

Phone : (021) 759 20249

Instagram : @wineandspiritsjkt

Website : http://www.wineandspirits.co.id/






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