Otosan Suki Jakarta


Otosan Suki 

I have tried their menus with Yenni. I will let you know what menus on that photo.

  1. Chicken Tempura  (Rp, 12.000,-)  For sure the taste is good, also with cheap price.
  2. Yaki Udon (Rp, 32.000,-) This is a fusion menu like western and asia. For the taste is unique and good. Good combination for bulldog sauce, chicken and vegetables. You should try this menu if you like something new.
  3. Crispy Garlic Inari Gunkan (Rp, 20.000,-)
  4. Red Kult and Apple Kult (Rp, 25.000,-/ glass)
  5. Cheese Gyu Don (Rp, 48.000,-)

They have an unique dessert too is Chawan Pudding (Rp, 22.000,-) for the taste is so tricky. You can try this and guess what inside the pudding!


Otosan Suki have a great ambience to do family lunch/dinner, birthday party or to take photos for instagrammers. Hehe!


Otosan Suki

Ciffest, Citra Garden 6, Cengkareng, Jakarta



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